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Operational blueprints helps drive Brewdog's global expansion

It's no easy feat for two humans and a dog to build the hottest craft beer brand around.

With over 1,300 team members and 88 sites worldwide, there's much more involved than a love of the drink. To make all this happen you need an operational blueprint that reinforces the brand with every new adventure.

BrewDog has always been committed to sharing their passion for great craft beer as widely as possible. Partnering with Trail has helped them spread their message all over the world.

Since joining Trail in early 2017, BrewDog have added 36 new sites worldwide, from Berlin to Itaewon. And they're only getting started... They've scaled while keeping the team lean, with Trail helping everyone manage their time more effectively.

Moving from paper log books was a game-changer.

Trail inspired us to cut all that paper and embrace a 100% digital operation
James Brown
Operations Director

The app guides their crew through a working day, step by step. They assign the same core tasks across all of their bars, and know exactly what's being done and when.

It's one of the first tools they introduce to the team at any new bar - giving operations managers complete confidence. Trail has increased their Food Alert traffic light scores across the business.

The beauty of trail is that it gives us the operations oversight and assurance that the most important operational standards and safety tasks are being done on time every time. Over and above this our team love it, it gives our managers of all levels absolute clarity on what they need to achieve every day.
James Brown
Operations Director

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36 new sites in the first 2 years
Overview of all sites from one convenient platform

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