Paperwork sucks: unlock your team's potential with Trail
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A happier working day for teams

Clear away admin to focus on customer experience
Simplify the working day: right task, right team, right time
Improve compliance and achieve brand standards
Eliminate all back office paperwork
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You'll be in good company


Teams Know What To Do

Every member of the team can use Trail - a weight off the shoulders of site GMs

The Most Simple Way to Stay Safe

Trail delivers easy compliance. So quick and easy that even Chef will love it

Management by Exception Delivered

Ops and HQ can see progress and struggling sites and real time

Results with Trail

A complete digital record reduces time on audits

250 hrs

Saved per month
Reduced overheads associated with scale


Head Office time saved
Save on junior and new staff Training

100 hrs

Time saved per site

How it works


Plan your tasks

Add your daily tasks from compliance to cashing up.


Teams complete them

Your teams complete their tasks each day.


Review performance

Get performance insights while protecting your business.

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Connects with all of the systems you already use

With powerful integrations, you can save time. 
Get visibility of everything in one place.

Use Trail data to give an operational score with Fourth Analytics
Send tasks to and from Trail with Excel, MS Project and Sharepoint. Access scores via a real time feed
Notify your in house team of promotions and posts so they're always as informed as your customers
Connect to 1500+ apps out of the box to leverage a whole ecosystem of actions
Use Yapster to manage communication and culture: use Trail to get sh*t done. Send Trail scores back to Yapster to motivate teams.
Reports on training status

Simple fee for pilot

You might be wondering...

What does the COVID-19 Library include?

The library includes Food Standards Agency official checks and covers reopening and running safely.

  • Cleaning
  • Equipment checks
  • Team health checks
  • Social distancing measures
  • Product, ingredient & allergen checks
  • Pest control
  • Restarting services & supply chain

How is my subscription calculated?

You'll be charged for every live site. You can archive a site at any time and the cost will be pro-rata, or launch new sites and your subscription will be automatically upgraded.

Do you offer annual price plans?

Yes - and at a discounted rate. Just ask one of the team for more details

Is my data secure?

Data security and privacy is our number one priority.

We carry out automated and manual testing on a regular basis meaning our uptime is 99.99%. We comply with both current UK Data Protection and GDPR laws.

There’s more detail in our privacy policy.

What equipment will we need?

If you’re not ready for staff to bring their own device then we recommend mini tablets or large phones - anything that can be held comfortably in one hand. There are same great Asus 8" that are cheap and durable when put in a solid case.

We generally recommend 2 devices per site - Kitchen and Front of House - but that’ll depend on your setup.

You’ll also need a decent wifi that covers the majority of the site.

Where do I download the app?

Nowhere! Just login via the website on any modern browser and you’ll be up and running in seconds.

It’s fast and when pinned to your homescreen you get the same great experience on laptop, tablet or phone.

Web apps also makes device management much simpler for bigger organisations.

How do users and permissions work?

We know people move around a lot, so unlike other systems we offer unlimited users for complete accountability and security.

Create head office users, ops and site managers and team members, each with appropriate permissions.

Is it right for my business?

Trail is designed for any business where teams need to complete a set number of tasks each day, week and month.

The main benefits are

  • Greater efficiency by removing paper and simplifying admin
  • Simpler and more secure compliance by making safety habitual
  • Consistency across on all days and in all teams

If any of those resonate, get in touch!