Connect the tools you’re already using

Trail easily integrates with your other services: tills, rota, stock and more.

Easily connect Trail to over 750 apps and transform time-consuming, manual business processes into seamless workflows, no coding required. Automatically create tasks for your teams to complete, get notifications, collect data and much more.

Create tasks from Audits
After completing an audit with iAuditor, automatically add any actions that need to be taken as tasks on the Trail

View and record data
Automatically add data such as temperature logs to Excel or Google Sheets, so you can easily spot trends

Manage shift rotas
Get notifications when a schedule is changed in Deputy and add a task to the Trail notifying the site

Store documents
Create on-demand tasks in Trail when a new starter or return to work form is completed and automatically store documents in Google Drive

Keep staff informed
Notify sites of new bookings from Epos Now or Open Table and add the details to their Trail

Enhance customer experience
Integrate with HGEM and send events such ad Mystery Diner visits to Trail with actions for you team to complete

“Trail just works with all the systems we already use - it means I can spend more time with customers than doing admin tasks”
Operations Manager - Dog & Truck