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Audit Follow Up

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Audit Follow Up Action
Due by 7th May

Please action the below before the deadline. Leave a comment on this task if you have any questions.

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Adhere to jewellery policy in kitchen
Clean under fridges
Order a lock pin for the collar of the decaf grinder
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Make sure audit follow up actions are completed on time

Our customers often tell us they don't want sites using multiple systems. They want a single, easy to use destination that guides their teams through everything that needs doing that day, regardless of the source.

Now this shouldn't be confused with the one stop shop. Quite the opposite in fact.

We believe in doing one thing well.

We're not the best auditing platform, but we're not bad at delivering actions and making sure they're done.

Your ops/audit team can still do their audits on iAuditor. But instead of teams needing to login to another system, the actions would feed straight into their day to day task list.

  • One login. Trail is the complete guide to the working day. Teams are already in the app multiple times a day completing tasks from compliance to finance. If something needs actioning today, it will be on today's task list.
  • Zero training. Trail was built with transient workforces in mind. Managers should be training staff on service standards, not technology. Anyone can just pick up a tablet and get on with what needs doing.
  • Digital audit log. Your compliance data already sits on Trail. Why would you have your audit history anywhere else? Getting a 5* food hygiene rating isn't about not having problems, it's about identifying issues and tackling them appropriately.
  • Set and track deadlines. Deadlines set on iAuditor will be reflected on follow up actions will be completed on time.
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