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Restaurant Opening Checks

Set yourself up for success each day

Restaurant Opening Checks ☀️
Everyday by 07:30am

Complete these checks to set yourself up for the day ahead 🌞

Unlock the door, return the key to the keybox and secure
Turn on all lights
Turn on music to an appropriate level
Sweep outside area, set up with chairs and tables - plants on tables
Make sure all tables and chairs are neat and floor swept if needed
Make sure all tables and chairs are neat and floor swept if needed
Set up waiter stations with blue cloth, sanitiser, napkins, cutlery, sugar, salt and pepper
Put out the A-Frame
Check retail for expiry dates and restock when needed
Water jugs - fill, add lemon and cucumber
Sections - check to see who is working and assign sections
Record 1
Record 2
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The way you start your morning sets you up for the day - and it's the same on site.

Having your figure of 8 complete before opening your doors means teams are calm, collected, and ready to greet their customers. At the same time, you know that all your brand standards have been met

Make sure your teams never miss a detail again, with a set of simple opening checklists. This Front of House template compliments your Kitchen, and Health & Safety opening checks, and makes sure you have a perfect environment for customers to walk into, as soon as the doors are open.

  • Spotless floors and surfaces
  • Desks organised and tidy
  • Atmospheric ambiance
  • Devices charged and setup
  • Uniforms checked
  • Music set
  • Guest details communicated
  • Menu changes confirmed

Completing this check every morning means teams can keep on top of issues and inform the relevant people of any issues that crop up.

Teams can take pictures for evidence if anything is out of place, before the day takes over, items are moved, and they become distracted by the day's inevitable mix of challenges!

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