Cut costs, save time and maintain standards

Discover how everyday efficiency can drive profitability

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Monthly savings for your business

Cut costs

  • Fewer maintenance callouts
  • Cut printing costs
  • Reduce unaccounted cash
  • Save on insurance premiums

Save time

  • Reduce site visits & audits
  • Maintain brand standards
  • Replace paper processes
  • Simplify communication
  • Save on staff training

Return on Investment

There’s an economy of scale in multi-site Operations. Trail allows you to do more with what you have.

Cumulative Savings

Return on investment

Potential Growth

Cumulative Savings

Cost of Trail

Single Site

Everything you need to run a paperfree, compliant workplace

Get started with:

  • A simple Trail of tasks
  • Template forms
  • Unlimited users


For ambitious, scaling companies looking for efficiency

Everything in Sites, plus:

  • Real-time activity & notifications
  • Filter departments with tags
  • Custom forms
  • Connect to 700+ systems
  • Business analytics dashboard


Customisable solutions for complex or large organisations

Everything in Operations, plus:

  • Integrated with all existing systems
  • Synced user directory
  • 24hr support

Better for Business

Purchasing decisions should be based on real value.
Trail has a proven record, solving real problems for the biggest high street brands.



Paper and Printing

Printing and storage costs are in excess of £2k per site per year - plus the environmental cost

Save 10 reams of paper
£85 per site/month

Repetitive tasks

Skilled staff waste time on menial, manual tasks - meaning less time with customers and more job dissatisfaction

Time saved through automation
30hrs per site/month

Staff training

Physical manuals cost £300+ per location and often need reprinting. Head office have no way to track completion

Digital manuals save £600 per site p.a

Insurance premiums

Variation in site performance, combined with incidents, can send premiums through the roof

Premium savings
£15 per site/month

Maintenance and callout

Incorrect callout procedures means 30% of visits are not required, costing businesses up to £150 per time

Prevent 1 callout
£150 per month

Statutory compliance

Changes to H&S process can take months, and EHO fines can run into the multiple thousands

Fines are unlimited
£millions + prison

Claim procedures

Litigation by customers or staff can be financially damaging and reputations can never recover

Litigation fees can run into the £millions

Financial audits

Cash handling, banking and safe management is manual and laborious

Reduce external audit fee 75%
£5,000 p.a

Rollout to all your sites in three simple steps

Implementing Trail

Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up?

Just request a demo below and one of our team will get you set up, it honestly takes minutes. You probably just want to just try it out - we’ve been there too! But due to demand we don’t allow public signup, and this way we can make sure the app is configured to your specific business needs.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the size of business and the package chosen - we charge per site per month and features like integrations cost extra. There’s also a very small setup fee that’s waived if rolled out to all sites within 30 days. You’ll receive a cost breakdown + benefits as part of the demo.

Is it right for my business?

Trail is designed for multi-site service businesses. The more complex the operations, the bigger the benefit. However, if you have two or three sites and looking to cut down on paper, we can help!

How do users and permissions work?

We know people move around a lot, so unlike other systems we offer unlimited users for complete accountability and security. Create head office users, ops and site managers and team members, each with appropriate permissions.

Where do I download the app?

Nowhere! Just login via the website on any modern browser and you’ll be up and running in seconds. It’s fast and when pinned to your homescreen you get the same great experience on laptop, tablet or phone. Web apps also makes device management much simpler for bigger organisations.

What equipment will we need?

If you’re not ready for staff to bring their own device then we recommend mini tablets or large phones - anything that can be held comfortably in one hand. There are same great Asus 8" that are cheap and durable when put in a solid case. We generally recommend 2 devices per site - Kitchen and Front of House - but that’ll depend on your setup. You’ll also need a decent wifi that covers the majority of the site.

Is my data secure?

Data security and privacy is our number one priority. We carry out automated and manual testing on a regular basis meaning our uptime is 99.99%. We comply with both current UK Data Protection laws and upcoming changes to GDPR. The app is hosted on the same technology as Facebook. There’s more detail in our privacy policy.

Still have questions?

Drop us a note or visit our the help center.

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