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Guide your teams through their day

Follow three simple steps to efficient operations



Add your daily tasks from compliance to cashing up



Your teams complete their tasks each day



Get performance insights while protecting your business



Build an operational blueprint and bring it to life every day

Turn all that paper & email into tasks, with checklists, files and forms.

Pick from best practice templates, or customise to your business.

a new opening checklist task is being created before being distributed out to restaurants

Whether it’s daily, every Tuesday and Friday or every 6 months - make sure tasks are completed at the right time.

Or distribute one-off tasks like menu changes or marketing promotions.

a task is being scheduled to be done everyday at 10am

Recreate your organisational hierarchy, from regions to sites to departments and users.

Then distribute tasks to the right people, for complete control.

a task being assigned out to the head chefs and kitchens across 4 restaurants



Guide teams through their day with instructions & actions

Each site gets its own Trail of tasks to work through each day.

The checklists are fast - really fast - so teams can get back to serving customers.

a day is started with opening checks before a team briefing, new menu launch and equipment checks

Maintain a complete digital record and cut down on the repetitive data entry.

Way faster than paper and a whole lot more reliable.

a drinks fridge is running at 10°C and is flagged as being out of range

Problems are highlighted and commented on and resolved.

Mandatory photos means you'll have all the evidence you need.

a conversation is started with the maintenance team with a picture after a fridge seal is broken



Focus attention where it’s needed most

Scan back through days to see exactly what happened in every site.

Or view every instance of a specific task to spot trends or report on incidents.

Trail shows a complete history of historic fridge temperature logs

Receive notifications when tasks are completed, or reports if there's a problem.

Visit your activity feed for a complete picture of what is going on across your sites.

Trails activity log shows notifications for a fridge temperature log being completed

Dashboards and email digests gives you the complete picture.

Download reports, or connect to your own Business Intelligence system.

a daily email report shows how the company is performing as well as how each site is performing

Powerful features

Give your managers & teams all the tools they need to get their jobs done.


a tags and filters logo
Tags & Filters
Focus on the work that matters by hiding tasks for other teams.
a logo for searching and finding tasks
Find the right task and dive into a full history.
a logo for tasks being added ad hoc
On Demand
Not everything happens on schedule - this is for those adhoc activities.
a logo for tasks being snoozed when they can't be completed then and there
For those tasks that don't need doing today, snooze to tomorrow.


a logo for scores being generated for each site's performance
Each site is given a daily performance score and the results emailed to all.
a logo for how tasks can be assigned only to those with certain permissions such as a manager
Shape the app to your business hierarchy with roles, groups and permissions.
a logo for tasks being triggered from other systems
Trigger tasks for sites from events in other systems, like financial data.
a logo for live support in the app
Training is built into the app, & our team’s on chat to answer questions

Works on any device,
no training needed

Trail works on any internet-enabled device - online & offline. So whether teams bring their own device, or switch between PCs, laptop, tablets and tills, Trail will be there wherever they go.

It’s so simple new starters will hit brand standards from day one. Training is essentially built into the daily tasks, so they learn habits on the job.

Nothing to download. Nothing to learn.
an android device logoan apple iPhone/tablet logoa windows logo

Connects with all of your systems

Make Trail the operational hub of your business

Notify staff of new table bookings
Enhance customer experience
Manage Shifts
Gather customer feedback and action it
Action outcomes from audits
Automated readings from kitchen hardware

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