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Reduce site overheads and save head office time with smart automations and streamlined workflows.

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Cut site overheads

Paperwork is resource heavy. Embracing digital tools improves efficiency and helps reduce costs from maintenance callouts, to insurance premiums to stationary costs.

Maintence call outs


saved per year
Insurance Claims


saved per year
Costs associated with paper


saved per year
Streamline workflows

Too much time is taken up on site with repetitive admin. Trail’s smart tasks automate repetitive processes and help teams focus.

Staff Training


saved per year
Reduce Audits


saved per year
Reduction in Head Office overheads


saved per year
Paper & Energy Savings

Switching to Trail means cutting printing, paper and stationery costs. It might not sound like a lot, but all that paper and ink adds up—there’s an environmental cost too.



saved per year
Sheets of paper


saved per year
Paper, printing & storage


saved per year

2320 trees planted and counting...

While we feel good about how much paper our customers save with Trail, there’s more we can do. So, each month, we’re planting a tree for every location on Trail.

See our pledge to the planet

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Predicted Savings

Team Productivity


Equipment monitoring checks:  
Email and head office communication:  
Training employees:  
Reduce Overheads


Printing manuals, paper and stationery:  
Insurance premium reduction:  
Unaccounted cash:  
Maintenance callouts:  
Head Office Savings


Site audits:  
Wasted site visits:  
Maintaining brand standards:  
Email and head office communication:  

Savings per site



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