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GAIL'S delivers on quality with checklists that keep sites consistent

GAIL’s believes in unpretentious food with minimum fuss and few ingredients.

In 2005 this neighbourhood brand opened their first bakery in London’s Hampstead High Street and started serving baked goods crafted with only the finest ingredients. Today they are 42 bakeries across 5 cities with over 5 openings in 2018 already.

GAIL's has crafted a brand which is both friendly and human.  Baked by hand with natural ingredients, their products speak for themselves.  Whether it’s the presentation of brioche loaves or the perfect flat white, the goal is always simple perfection. But, as operators know, such high standards are tough to maintain and scale without head office costs spiralling - process and admin can take over as site numbers increase.

Trail was able to help support GAIL's clear vision.  By removing admin and paperwork from staff, Trail allowed teams to focus on the methods that make great bread, while freeing up front of house staff to serve more customers.  Trail helps Gail’s consistently hit the same high standard in every store.

"Before Trail, sites and Operations Managers spent too much time back-of-house.  

Trail has cut site admin, so now we have more time to coach teams and focus on our unique customer experience."
Marta Pogroszewska
Retail Director

Key results
15 hrs saved each month on site training
80 hours per month saved on auditing
£80 paper printing and storage costs to £0 per site per month

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