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Food Poisoning Report

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Food Poisoning Report

If there's been an actual or suspected food poisoning incident, you must record the details here...

Food Poisoning Form
Record 1
Record 2
1 / 3
Date of Incident
Time of Incident
Dealt with by
Dish(es) They Consumed
How Many Consumed each of the Dish(es) that day

Gather all the details for handling incidents

The details of a food poisoning incident have an impact on how it needs to be handled. When it happened, what was eaten, were people taken to hospital etc. makes a difference. The quality of the information you record initially makes a huge difference when management/the council investigate.

Attaching temperature records and navigating what you can and cant record without consent with new GDPR regulations means recording this information can be a nighttcalmare. Here's how the experience looks on Trail:

  • Faster record keeping. Quickly capture data from all your team with smart inputs built specifically for busy staff. Multiple choice and date fields make recording rich information as simple as possible.
  • Smart forms. Ask different questions based on answers to navigate GDPR regulations and make the experience as fast as possible for teams eg. only ask for personal information if consent is given
  • Photographic evidence. Quickly snap a picture of your allergen training documentation and upload straight from your device.
  • Real time alerts. As soon as your teams complete the allergic reaction report it will be sent to the relevant people to escalate and monitor.
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