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Weekly Fire Alarm Test Log

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Weekly Fire Alarm Test Log 🚨
Every Monday

Please detail below the results of your weekly test of the fire alarm!

If you have more than one call point/zone you must ensure that all zones are tested on alternate weeks e.g. zone A or kitchen one week and zone B or upstairs the following week.

Please Note: Use the comments box to detail the action taken if a fault is discovered!

If your shop is in a managed building, you must test your alarm system independently to the main building. The building Managers must be informed when you are testing your alarms.

Weekly Fire Alarm Test Log
Record 1
Record 2
1 / 3
Location (Zone) Tested
Fault Found

Keep your fire alarm operational

A fully operational fire alarm is a regulatory requirement and you are risking lives if you're not regularly checking them. Convert your fire log book and fire safety checklists into bite sized tasks with prompts to ensure they're never missed and your premises are safe.

  • Accountability. Each checklist item you complete will be time and user stamped. If you tick off emptying the bins and they're still overflowing tomorrow morning, there'll be nowhere to hide.
  • Built in training. Fire safety training videos attached to each task means you're always meeting fire safety regulations.
  • Corrective action. Trail automatically prompts with the right actions in case a fault is found.
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