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Trail is an Access company. We're a work management app that simplifies operations by changing the way sites are run.

Hello 👋

Wil & Joe here.

Back in 2014, we saw hospitality falling behind. The average day for waiters, chefs, cashiers and managers had barely changed in 15 years.

Shifts run on paper and post-its. Operations held together by email chains and spreadsheets. Managers struggling to know which jobs had been done as their teams drowned in admin.

So we set out to build a better working day.

Founder Joe and Wil. childhood friends, set out to build a better working day for frontline workers

“I just need to know everything’s done”

It sounds so small. So obvious. But fix this one thing and it all falls into place.

You can design the perfect customer experience and have it brought to life, exactly as imagined, every day.

Overheads go down with more efficient & productive staff. The business has all the evidence it needs to be legally protected. And revenue goes up with consistent brand standards.

Health & Safety, Food Safety, Facilities, Brand Standards, Fire Safety, Integrations and Finance are all brought together into a single app, Trail

Three principles we live by


Design from the team up

From managers to chefs to bartenders, software should be designed around how they work.

We care deeply about the everyday staff experience.


Build better habits

Excellence becomes second nature for the best teams. This is done through repetition & reward.

We believe in habits, not audits, to run better businesses‍


Do one thing well

An ecosystem of connected, best in class apps has replaced the one-stop shop.

We don't do consultancy, we don't do hardware - we build a great app.

Trail today 🚀

Following early investment and support from some of the biggest brands, we're now scaling like crazy to keep up with demand.

Trail has raised over £2 million to date from institutional and angel investors.

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A waitress is using Trail on a tablet on the floor
The leadership team is made up of the founders, Customer Success. Creative, Technical and Product

Meet the team

We have an awesome team, mainly in London with a few scattered remotely.

Joe & Wil are joined as Directors by Amy (Customer Success), Gemma (Creative), Lewis (Technical) and Pete (Product Design).