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Cut costs and save time with smart daily checklists for the service industry

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Introducing the Trail

Serve up a daily list of tasks to guide teams step-by-step, from opening checks and food safety to cashing up

  • Schedule repeat checklists
  • Digitise paper processes
  • Log audits and incidents
  • Improve communication

"The implementation was amazing, managers love it and task completion is high!"

Alan McNiven - Operations Development
Features for teams

Find operational efficiencies

Optimise your business performance with real time notifications and reporting

“Trail cuts down my time on site when I don’t need to be there. I can see any issues instantaneously and deal with them on Trail"

James McGuigan, Operations Manager
Features for managers

Connect all your existing systems

Over 750 integrations to provide your teams with the data they need to increase your business performance.

“Data flows much more easily from the shop floor to the operations team and up to head office"

Vincent McKevitt - Founder
Integrated tools

Rollout to all your sites in three simple steps

Trail is the easiest project you'll ever implement

Three steps to rollout

See the business impact Trail is having on some of the biggest brands.

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4,800 hrs

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I love that Trail is built with sites in mind

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You are our best supplier bar none

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The managers love it!

Operations Manager

Chef thinks Trail is amazing!

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