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Delivery Checks

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Delivery Checks 🚛

Use this form to record your delivery info!

Select up to 5 high-risk food items to record.

Please note: Delivery temperatures should be no higher than 5°C on chilled products and -16°C on frozen, if over this then return the product.

Comment with corrective actions.

Delivery Checks
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Prevent risk by checking your deliveries carefully

Delivery checks are a crucial part of your food safety management system, often referred to as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

They make sure your food is of high quality, safe for consumption and your back of house is pest free. They also lead to those all important 5* food hygiene ratings.

Delivery checks present a huge risk to operators if delivered goods are not properly checked. Whether it's shorter best before dates or potential pest risks, it can all have a huge impact on the bottom line.

Delivery checks need to be done. But it doesn’t need to be so painful. Here's how Trail makes it easier:

  • Faster record keeping. Quickly capture data from all delivered goods with smart inputs built specifically for busy staff.
  • Corrective action. Automatically prompt your teams to take action if data is outside the acceptable range such as refusing delivery.
  • Digital audit log. Prove to management and auditors that your team is up to date with digital audit logs to report any problems and actions taken.
  • Built in training. Whether it's a guide on how to handle hazardous chemicals or how to weigh the salmon, make sure your teams have all the information they need to carry out the task.

The next step is to chip away at every friction point until none remain — record keeping becomes automated and invisible. Wireless temperature monitoring via Bluetooth and APIs pump data directly into Trail, leaving the user just to review & approve, or simply be alerted on exception. Check out our integrations page for more details.

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