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The New World Trading Company creates unique customer experiences

How do you provide some of the most unique customer experiences in the industry while being a great place to work? Just ask The New World Trading Company.

This is no ordinary restaurant and bar group. If you’ve walked through the doors of any of the New World Trading Company's 22 sites you’ll know that they provide customer experiences that go above and beyond. You may have also heard that the brand has been named in the Times Top 100 Best Places to Work, 2 years running.

Achieving this is only possible with a unified vision and culture across 7 brands and hundreds of staff. They’re unconventional, creative, and most of all, fun. And it doesn’t even stop them from getting their jobs done.

Behind the scenes of the fun and talented group of people who run The New World Trading Company properties is a structure that allows them the autonomy to work efficiently and create great customer experiences.

Part of that structure is Trail. Giving teams at every site a guide to their day and head office staff a view of everything that’s happening, leaving no room for ambiguous figures or missed tasks.

Using Trail allows staff to keep on top of compliance, due diligence, food safety and many more operational tasks. This means that head office and auditors have reassurance that everything is being done to the highest standards and staff can get back to being with customers, and creating those one-of-a-kind experiences you’ve come to expect.

"Trail gives our staff the autonomy to focus on creating great guest experiences.

It’s also greatly reduced the amount of time we need to spend on internal audits, which has been a great cost-saving for us."
Matt Bamber
Operations Director
New World Trading
Key results
648 hours of audits per annum
Removal of paper checklists in multiple departments
Autonomy for front of house staff to focus on the guest experience

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