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From paper to productivity, how digital checklists helped Pasta Remoli supercharge their operations

The Pasta Remoli team wanted to improve their operations while staying true to their values: authenticity, quality and doing things their own way.

Trail’s digital checklists helped the team do just that.

Before Trail, the Pasta Remoli team ran their operations on paper. But the paperwork was time-consuming and they were losing valuable time with customers. Implementing Trail has helped them boost productivity, and gifted them time to focus on what they do best: Delighting customers with delicious pasta dishes.

“There are numerous industry templates to use but having the ability to manage and create our own has been great as we have several different operational needs throughout the business.” Anson Bartholomew, Operations manager at Pasta Remoli

Reports and alerts have also improved visibility and control over operations across multiple sites in London. So, the team can maintain brand standards, deliver consistently excellent service, and prevent issues from escalating.

"Trail has improved our teams’ ways of working and I happily recommend this platform to all who are looking at improving productivity throughout. Having instant access to any of our sites via my laptop to view progress or any anomalies allows me to action issues immediately.” Anson Bartholomew, Operations manager at Pasta Remoli

Pasta Remoli
Key results
Gained better visibility over all their sites
Boosted team productivity
Saved money on paper & storage

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