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Closing Checks - Food Safety

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Closing Checks - Food Safety 🍔
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Remember, food safety is important. Use this task to record your checks.

Temperature checks completed and to standard
Waste recorded, removed and bins cleaned
Chilled food covered, date labelled
Out of date food discarded
Defrosting complete and stored appropriately
Defrosting complete and stored appropriately
Food preparation areas clean and sanitised
All waste removed from premises
Food containers stored off floor
No cross-contamination during storage
No evidence of pest activity
Correct chilling practices in place
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Leave your food prep areas safe

Nowadays a food safety management system, often referred to as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), is critical in making sure your business is protected and your customers are safe.

This food safety template checklist will make sure food is stored correctly and food prep areas are safe.

The best food hygiene app will always be the one your teams love. Here's what they'll love about Trail:

  • Peace of mind. Daily reminders and reports mean a check will never be missed unknowingly. Say goodbye to that panicked feeling when an EHO inspector walks in.
  • Recording issues. EHOs will be suspicious of anyone who says every day is problem free. Getting a 5* food hygiene rating isn't about never having issues, it's about how you handle them. On Trail, flagging issues and providing supporting evidence means just a few taps of the thumb.
  • Built in training. Best practice videos and photos can be added to tasks to make sure everyone is clear on safe food handling.
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