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Award-winning gyros, made the Athenian way.

The Athenianis the 31st fastest growing company in the UK. In 2017, they expanded their estate to 25 outlets and secured a £17m refinancing deal to enable them to reach a goal of 50 sites by 2020. The Athenian launched in 2014 as a small street food company, and has grown rapidly and organically since then. They're an international chain now, and have just launched their franchise arm.

To achieve that kind of growth requires a solid operational foundation. Which is where Trail comes in.

Trail is a simple, smart checklist for service operations, that’s been designed to guide teams through their day with repeat processes and automated integrations, delivering actions from finance through to compliance. It helps sites consistently hit the same high standard, drive profitability with everyday efficiencies and frees up employees’ time to focus on the customer.

The Athenian
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Gained better visibility over all their sites
Boosted team productivity

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