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Better operational practices lead to happier customers at Bill’s

Customer experience is everything in a highly competitive sector.  For Bill's, getting every site to the same high standard was near impossible before Trail.

Operations Managers and Head office needed a real-time view of what was happening across all of their branches - a view that one-off audits couldn’t provide.

Being on top of compliance is vital for any business.  Health and safety is a basic legal requirement, but when this is woven into a wider set of daily quality checks, the result is serious operational performance.

Cutting paperwork out of the back office was a starting point for Bill's - better for overhead cost and the environment.  But this was just the start.  Bill's saw a reduction in both insurance claims and premiums, a simpler way to roll out their menu changes, and an improved relationship with  EHO. They're now looking to move financial compliance over, cutting yet more admin from the day.

Trail sends daily operational tasks to the right teams and individuals, at the right time. Once an action is marked as completed, managers‘ dashboards are updated. This means that managers and HQ know exactly where their teams and sites are up to - in real time.

Since using Trail meeting compliance standards has become a "second habit" to Bill’s staff. Our easy to use app scores sites and staff on their level of completion all on technology that is so simple, it comes naturally to teams.

"Trail helps the industry move forward"
Kathryn Emmett
Sustainability & Compliance Manager

Key results
250hrs saved each month on audits
100% compliance on Accident and Incident reporting reduces insurance claims
£85 per site/month paper printing, & storage costs to £0

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