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Surefoot Assessment Follow Up

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New Surefoot Audit Published
Added by Surefoot

Rating: 5 Stars Green 🤩

The team in London have shown great improvement and completely deserve a 5 on this visit.

There are a couple of actions but nothing the team will not manager over the next few days.

Reduce the amount of perishable goods outside of fridges to limit wastage after 4 hours
Keep the allergen folder by the tills so customer's can reference easily
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Create follow up actions from Surefoot assessments

Surefoot started their journey in 2006 by listening carefully to their client's frustrations. They heard about endless reams of paperwork and tick boxes gathering dust on the shelves. They saw managers stuck in the office, distracted from what they do best: looking after customers and serving great food.

Getting managers out of the office is exactly what we at Trail have been doing for years. We now share a number of customers and are thrilled to be working with consultants who fully immerse themselves in their clients business and provide practical solutions (without costing the earth!)

The Surefoot audit (or assessment as they call it) often create follow up actions. Those actions create Tasks automatically on Trail to make sure sites are running a safe business.

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