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Opening Checks - Health and Safety

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Opening Checks - Health and Safety ⛑

Remember, recording health and safety is important! If there are any issues, leave a comment with a photo if relevant.

Pest checks completed and any pest activity logged
Staff fit for work
Exit doors unlocked, escape routes and exit signs clear
No slip/trip hazards present
No electrical hazards present
No electrical hazards present
Correct knife procedure followed (safe storage and use of knives)
No equipment hazards present (e.g. fridges, freezers, oven etc. working correctly)
No fire hazards present
Ventilation adequate/comfortable working temperature
Health and safety law poster completed and displayed
Fire evacuation procedure displayed for staff
Record 1
Record 2
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Make sure your site is safe for trade

The way you start your morning sets you up for the day - and it's the same on site.

Having your figure of 8 complete before opening your doors means teams are calm, collected, and ready to greet their customers. At the same time, you know that all your brand standards have been met.

Make sure your teams never miss a detail again, with a set of simple opening checklists. Health & Safety compliments your prep based kitchen and restaurant opening checks, and makes sure you're compliant.

  • Customer Safety checks
  • Any risks of trips, slips and falls?
  • Any electrical or fire hazards?
  • Any blocked exits?
  • Hygiene checks - is everything clean and sparkling?
  • Has pest activity been checked, recorded and actioned?

Completing this check every morning means teams can keep on top of issues and inform the relevant people of any issues that crop up.

They can also take pictures for evidence if anything is out of place, before the day takes over, items are moved, and they become distracted by the day's inevitable mix of challenges!

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