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Closing Checks - Health and Safety

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Closing Checks - Health and Safety ⛑
Everyday in After Close

Remember, recording health and safety is important. If you maintain these checks it will be a breeze. 💨

No food has been left out
Heaters, candles extinguished/off
Emergency exits clear
Electrical equipment switched off
Food past its ‘use by’ date has been thrown away
Food past its ‘use by’ date has been thrown away
Cleaning chemicals and PPE stored correctly
Bins cleaned with new bags, all waste recorded and removed from premises
Cleaning tasks completed and cleaning rotas signed off
Pest checks completed and any pest activity logged
Record 1
Record 2
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Make sure your site is left safe at night

Tired legs and minds at the end of a long shift means stuff can be missed. A bad close can have a butterfly affect on the next day and checklists are the protective measure.

Make sure your teams never miss a detail again, with a set of simple closing checklists. Health & Safety compliments your prep based kitchen and restaurant opening checks, and makes sure you're compliant.

  • Customer Safety checks
  • Any risks of trips, slips and falls?
  • Any electrical or fire hazards?
  • Any blocked exits?
  • Hygiene checks - is everything clean and sparkling?
  • Has pest activity been checked, recorded and actioned?

Teams can take pictures for evidence of any problems so management can get ahead of problems before staff arrive in the morning.

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