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Cooked & Reheated Food Temperature Log

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Cooked and Reheated Food Temperature Record 🌡

Record your cooked and reheated food temperatures here ♨️

Remember, cooked food must reach 75℃!

Cooked and Reheated
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Heat your food to safe standards

Temperature logs are a crucial part of your food safety record, and critical to prove you are following a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommend food to be cooked to at least 70°C for 2 minutes to make sure harmful bacteria is killed. Temperature monitoring makes sure these temperatures are achieved and your food is safe.

These repetitive tasks need to be done but it doesn’t need to be so painful.

Here's how Trail can help:

  • Faster record keeping. Quickly capture data from all your team with smart inputs built specifically for busy staff.
  • Corrective action. Trail automatically prompts your teams if a temperature is outside the normal range and whether the item needs further cooking.
  • Digital audit log. Prove to management and auditors that your team is up to date with digital audit logs to report any problems and actions taken.
  • Photographic evidence. Whether it’s a photo to document corrective action or to prove the recordings were taken. Remove any doubt with hard evidence.

Record keeping becomes automated and invisible.

Automatic temperature probe readings:

We are continually testing, but Digital food probes are not at an accuracy and usability level we are happy with yet. Once this technology progresses, we'll integrate data via Bluetooth and APIs. We are already doing this with wireless fridge temperature monitors, check out our integrations page for more details!

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