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wagamama manage their food safety with digital forms & checklists

The strongest brands stay ahead of the curve by thinking (and innovating) before the competition.

wagamama has always been a pioneer in the UK hospitality industry. Bringing pan asian cuisine to the forefront and continually innovating ahead of the competition. With the implementation of Trail across all their sites they are able to, once again, stay ahead of the industry.

wagamama chose to implement Trail because they noticed their paper health & safety logbooks were not the best way to stay on top of everything happening across the brand. Wanting to ensure high standards across all sites, they went looking for a new solution.

Previously, health & safety was managed with a 90-page logbook. This has been retired, along with many hours spent doing internal audits.

"As a business that believes in Kaizen, the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement we wanted to digitise our food and safety practices and have the added benefit of reducing the amount of paper in our business.

Trail’s simple to use interface has been very useful for us. We’ve rolled out to all locations with amazing feedback from our teams – Trail is making it easier for them to ensure our food and safety practices are upheld."
Tracey Colbert
Director of Risk and Compliance
Key results
Eliminated a 90-page paper log book in each site
Gained better visibility over all their sites
Reduced the need for internal audits

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