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Restaurant Opening and Closing Checks

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Restaurant Opening Checks ☀️
Everyday by 07:30am

Complete these checks to set yourself up for the day ahead 🌞

Unlock the door, return the key to the keybox and secure
Turn on all lights
Turn on music to an appropriate level
Sweep outside area, set up with chairs and tables - plants on tables
Make sure all tables and chairs are neat and floor swept if needed
Set up waiter stations with blue cloth, sanitiser, napkins, cutlery, sugar, salt and pepper
Put out the A-Frame
Check retail for expiry dates and restock when needed
Water jugs - fill, add lemon and cucumber
Sections - check to see who is working and assign sections
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Record 2
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Start and end the day right each day

Restaurant opening checks are all about making sure your team has everything they need for the day's service.

Restaurant opening tasks include:

  • Checking all the restaurant equipment – Is the POS system working properly? Is the telephone working?
  • Setting out the seating arrangement.
  • Checking the linen is clean, ironed, and folded as per standard.
  • Inspecting the cutlery, plates and glasses for cleanliness.
  • Checking the restaurant entrance is clean and clear – are there any visible bins? Or anything obstructing the entrance?
  • Ensuring the rest of the premises is clean – is the floor clean? Have the tables been wiped down?
  • Looking for any potential hazards – are there any electrical cables or other trip hazards on the floor?

Closing your restaurant effectively means you can rest easy knowing your premise is safe, and your team is prepared for the following day.

Restaurant closing tasks include:

  • Assessing whether cutlery, glasses and plates have been washed.
  • Checking tables, chairs and appliances are cleaned.
  • Inspecting stock levels and creating any requisition orders.
  • Checking the takings for the night, emptying the cash register and recording any discrepancies.
  • Turning off lights and electrical equipment.
  • Placing any items left by customers in the lost and found.
  • Locking doors and windows.

With so much to do each day, Trail helps teams get through their daily jobs quickly and efficiently. Here’s how:

  • ‍Digitise all that paperwork. Maintain a complete digital record and cut down on the repetitive data entry. Guide your teams through their day with simple bite-sized tasks, all in one app.
  • Built in training. Best practice videos and photos can be added to tasks to make sure everyone is clear on safe food handling.‍
  • Corrective action. Trail automatically prompts your teams if something is wrong. So you can take action before an EHO tells you to.
  • Get performance insights. Dashboards and daily reports highlight issues in real-time, so they can be resolved quickly without the need for time-consuming and expensive audits.

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