Back of House Hospitality Software Guide 2022

Get ahead of the game with our Back of House Hospitality Software Guide 2022. In this blog post, we share the latest software solutions to streamline your operations and boost efficiency in the back of house. Read more now and discover the tools you need to stay ahead in the industry.
Amy Dignon
Apr 2023
4 min read

With so many options when it comes to hospitality tech, it can be difficult to decide exactly which will serve your business best. Ultimately with software the key issues to care about include:

  • Flexibility (to change and alter contracts in line with business needs)
  • Core focus of the product (i.e. ‘will this work for my business?’)
  • Design and user experience (good UX saves time and hassle)

One-stop-shop types of software can be tempting, but do not offer the same benefits as products that support the specific areas they were created for. With that in mind we’ve pulled together the best back of house hospitality software picks 2022 has to offer, spanning POS, accounting, booking softwares, HR and inventory tools alongside a few other key categories.

Point-of-Sale (POS)

POS features can encompass data analysis, integrated payments, table management, inventory management, digital ordering, permissions systems, roaming terminals and more. Think about which features are a priority for you and then work back from there.

Access Epos



Epos now


Good accounting software not only gives real-time data on your business’ finances, it also helps to streamline your figures to save you time down the line. The features you might want to consider are integrations, automation and multi-use management depending on the size of your business.


Access financials

Restaurant 365


HR Tools

From payroll to training, comms to hiring, you don’t need to muddle your way through employee management. There are plenty of tech options that are tailored to hospitality businesses of all shapes and sizes. (Note: we’ve also included a standalone section for rota management below).

Access people

Charlie HR




Rotas have come a long way from print-outs on the wall, now allowing for reporting, communications and flexible shift management. Features to look out for are easy-scheduling, staff comms and automation options.

7 shifts




Stock, Inventory & Procurement

Having a management system or software in place to manage stock, inventory and procurement can be crucial in giving managers a birds-eye view of what’s going on within the business. Specific tools can also help to automate tasks.





Productivity tools can be used across all aspects of the business, allowing you to take a step back and use real-time data to assess what’s working and how to improve systems. These tools can also be used to stay on top of the things that keep your business moving forward and ahead of your competitors.






Booking Systems

From bookings and deposits, to enquiries and marketing - the options for reservation management tools are varied. Thanks to a lot of competition in this space in the last 5 or so years, the tech available in 2022 tends to also include usable insight data alongside the reservations management functionality.

Access Collins


Seven rooms


Ultimately, there’s a lot of hospitality tech to choose from - but picking the right software is a much easier process when you focus in on the features that are important to your business first.

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