Meet the team: Amy Dignon, our Customer Success Director

Meet the Team: Amy Dignon, Customer Success Director - Get to know our amazing team members and learn about their roles and passions within our company.
Gemma Thomas
Apr 2023
4 min read

So, first up, we’re introducing you to Amy Dignon, our brilliant Customer Success Director.

Hey Amy, can you tell us a bit about your career background?

I started working in hospitality when I was 14, my first job was as a Kitchen Porter at a Caravan Park on the West Coast of Scotland. From there, I moved into F&B in hotels, which I absolutely loved. I was lucky enough to open 2 restaurants at Cameron House which was really cool, I love a deadline!

After my son was born, I moved out of hospitality operations and into other roles in the industry—I started as a Contract and Client Manager at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in my home city of Glasgow. Then I moved into hospitality tech, firstly with HGEM and now with Trail.

Even though I’m in tech now, I always say if you cut me, I would bleed hospitality.  

What you do at Trail?

I’m the Customer Success Director. So from the moment a customer signs up to Trail, my brilliant team and I look after them and make sure they are getting the most value possible out of the product.

What’s your favourite Trail value?

It’s very hard to choose just 1… But, if I had to choose, it would be “Work and Stop”. Trail offers an amazing work-life balance.

We all respect that life happens and we support each other when it does. That flexibility and support pushes me to work harder and I never take the balance we have for granted.

I also love “Grow your Own”. I’ve been able to grow and progress a lot in my (nearly) 5 years at Trail and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. It’s also been such a joy to see so many of the team come up through the levels.

What’s your top productivity tip?

My favourite productivity tip is probably to write my to-do list for the next day at the end of the day before. It helps me round off the day, and get stuck into things the next day straight away.

Also, when I’m under pressure, I’m a big fan of the power hour—waking up early and doing an hour with no interruptions at all. It gives me a jump on the day, but I couldn’t do it all the time.  

What’s been your best moment at Trail?

Oh my goodness, so many to choose from… I vividly remember hitting 1000 sites (we are at 5000 now) and celebrating with doughnuts and champagne.

Becoming a Director was one of my proudest moments to date.

And all our Trail Trips to France, deep diving on projects and delivering them in 2 days, have been brilliant (plus the french rose).

Thanks Amy!

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What customers are saying

"I f****** love Trail, it's taking my businesses to the next level."
Josh Paterson
"We rarely provide training to our guys, they just bought into the idea straight away. I love that I have a full visual of everyone's activity in front of me."
Katrin Toots
Compliance Manager
“It’s not a paper diary that’s covered in barbecue sauce. We have clarity over what’s done in our sites and are confident going into our audits.”
Jay Brown
“The EHO visited almost every site last year and every store was given a five star rating."
Jay Brown
Operations Chef
"We turned our Costa Checks and various compliance forms into regular tasks on Trail, which has contributed to some of the best scores we have had."
Delroy Daniels
Operations Director
"Our teams love it, it gives our managers of all levels absolute clarity on what they need to achieve every day."
James Brown
Operations Director

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