How tech can help bridge the staff shortages gap

Demand in the hospitality industry is returning, but businesses are facing a staffing crisis and struggling to meet demand. Learn how technology can help.
Gemma Thomas
Dec 2023
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During the pandemic, 80% of hospitality workers were furloughed—the highest proportion of all UK industries. In that time, many switched careers, seeking employment in other industries. And due to uncertainty still surrounding the sector, team members haven't returned yet.

Brexit (of course) adds additional challenges—an estimated 300,000 EU hospitality workers returned to their home countries in the past year. And looking ahead, studies predict a shortfall of 60,000 hospitality workers per year due to stricter immigration rules.

The industry is facing a staffing crisis, just as businesses are trying to rebuild their operations.

But there is a solution: rather than struggling to meet demand with less staff, technology can help free up capacity so teams can do more with less.

How tech can help bridge the gap

Empowering your team with the right digital tools helps to increase productivity and efficiency. Here’s how:

Communicate effectively

When you’re short-staffed, you need to be as efficient as possible—there’s no room for errors or misunderstandings. So ditch the paper processes, email chains and spreadsheets and embrace  tools, like Yapster or Trail to complete tasks more efficiently.

Automate tasks

Repetitive admin drains resources and erodes job satisfaction. Automating processes frees up teams time that can be dedicated to more skilful and rewarding tasks, like interacting with customers and creating unique experiences.

Train and onboard teams

Training teams is time and resource heavy. Digitising training checklists and using e-learning platforms, like CPL Learning, helps save Manager’s time. And ensures all team members receive the same training, and are maintaining consistently high standards across the business.

If you’re an HR professional in hospitality, check out this Access Group guide for tips on how to manage the impact of Brexit and Covid. And advice on how to support your teams' wellbeing amidst so much change.

Remote visibility

With fewer area managers to carry out site visits, remote visibility is crucial. The right digital tools allows teams to see what’s happening on site, so they can resolve issues remotely. And managers can focus their attention where it’s needed most.

Hospitality software options

Here’s a roundup of some of the hospitality software you might find helpful:


  • Recruiterbox: complete visibility across the entire hiring process, allowing you to manage your hiring anytime, from anywhere.
  • Catapult: Need staff at a moment’s notice? With catapult, employees can view and pick up new shifts in real-time.

Staff scheduling:

  • Deputy: simplifies employee scheduling, timesheets, tasking, and communication.
  • Planday: as well as rota planning, Planday shows the financial impact of your staffing.

Onboarding and training:

  • CharlieHR: simply onboard new hires, collect and store employee records, secure and manage holidays.
  • Typsy: an online training platform filled with video courses from hospitality instructors
  • CPL Learning: leading online learning and development provider for hospitality businesses

Inventory management:  

  • Simple order: designed to streamline back-of-house restaurant operations, reduce waste and cut costs.  
  • Marketman: cloud-based restaurant inventory management and purchasing app that simplifies order management and eliminates waste.
  • Rekki: a free mobile app for chefs to find local suppliers and order the best ingredients.


  • Quorso: digitalises store management from end-to-end, making it streamlined and effective.
  • Trail: replaces all those paper and excel sheets and gives organisations a detailed, birds-eye view of their operations across multiple sites.
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Check out this blog for more productivity software recommendations. Or keep reading to find out how Trail can streamline your business operations.

Here’s how Trail can help:

  • Do more with less: our digital checklists and forms are designed for speed and simplicity. Teams are more efficient and productive.
  • Improve visibility: notifications and daily reports highlight issues as they happen. Managers can see what’s happening in real-time, resolving issues quickly with less site visits.
  • Communicate change: quickly turn new procedures into simple digital checklists and communicate changes in policy to teams on the ground instantly.
  • Built-in training: add training videos to tasks, so teams know exactly what to do and how to do it.
  • Reduce repeat processes: automated tasks and smart hardware integrations helps reduce admin. So teams can spend more time on delivering excellent customer experiences.
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What customers are saying

"I f****** love Trail, it's taking my businesses to the next level."
Josh Paterson
"We rarely provide training to our guys, they just bought into the idea straight away. I love that I have a full visual of everyone's activity in front of me."
Katrin Toots
Compliance Manager
“It’s not a paper diary that’s covered in barbecue sauce. We have clarity over what’s done in our sites and are confident going into our audits.”
Jay Brown
“The EHO visited almost every site last year and every store was given a five star rating."
Jay Brown
Operations Chef
"We turned our Costa Checks and various compliance forms into regular tasks on Trail, which has contributed to some of the best scores we have had."
Delroy Daniels
Operations Director
"Our teams love it, it gives our managers of all levels absolute clarity on what they need to achieve every day."
James Brown
Operations Director

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