Meet the team: Sonia Jakku, Customer Operations Manager

Meet the Team: Sonia Jakku, Customer Operations Manager - Get to know our amazing team members and learn about their roles and passions within our company.
Ben Peck
Apr 2023
4 min read

Today, we’re introducing you to Sonia Jakku; Trail’s Customer Operations Manager.

Hey Sonia, can you tell us a bit about your career background?

After graduating in 2020 from Warwick Uni, I joined the Business Development Operations team at what3words before moving to Trail in March 2022.

I’ve always loved working in a close-knit, start-up style company so joining Trail was a no brainer.

What do you do at Trail?

I’m a Customer Operations Manager, so I make sure our customers get the right support when they need it, and I also help with onboarding small businesses too. Trail is sculpted by our users and I especially love hearing from customers on how we can improve, then helping the team make it happen!

What’s your favourite Trail value?

The ‘Work and Stop’ value is one that really resonates:

Work and Stop. ‘We support people to work flexibly wherever they are their happiest and most productive - at home, at the office or from travels afar. We’re family-friendly and not afraid of the less-travelled path if it holds true to our values. We’re respectful of working hours, avoiding presentee-ism and messaging out of hours.’

The work-life balance is great at Trail - we’re all so supportive of each other’s personal commitments and  respect each other’s time both inside and outside of work.

It’s something I love about the culture here.

What’s your top productivity tip?

My calendar is my anchor so I make sure I have my to-do list for the week in there. I’ve also found working around my energy levels really helps plan out my day.

Best moment at Trail so far?

My first time meeting the team at crazy golf just before I joined the team! I felt so welcomed and it was a great way to break the ice.

Thanks, Sonia!

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What customers are saying

"I f****** love Trail, it's taking my businesses to the next level."
Josh Paterson
"We rarely provide training to our guys, they just bought into the idea straight away. I love that I have a full visual of everyone's activity in front of me."
Katrin Toots
Compliance Manager
“It’s not a paper diary that’s covered in barbecue sauce. We have clarity over what’s done in our sites and are confident going into our audits.”
Jay Brown
“The EHO visited almost every site last year and every store was given a five star rating."
Jay Brown
Operations Chef
"We turned our Costa Checks and various compliance forms into regular tasks on Trail, which has contributed to some of the best scores we have had."
Delroy Daniels
Operations Director
"Our teams love it, it gives our managers of all levels absolute clarity on what they need to achieve every day."
James Brown
Operations Director

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