How to make a risk management plan for your restaurant

To avoid accidents and issues in your restaurant, you need to create a risk management plan. Keep reading to find out how...
Michael Radley
Sep 2023
4 min read

First up, what is risk management?

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling risks. This includes safety, financial, technological and food hygiene risks.

Beyond accident prevention, risk management can make your team more efficient and improve the overall safety of your site.

How to make a restaurant risk management plan

The goal of your risk management plan is to identify and monitor risks whilst proactively preventing risks.

Follow these 6 easy steps to develop your own risk management plan:

1. Identify your risks

Carry out a site audit to identify any potential risks. Include your teams in this process as they will have unique insights and experiences.

2. Analyse the risks

Use a scale to estimate the probability of the risk occurring and the severity of the impact. Also consider the consequences for the business.

3. Identify triggers

Ask your team members to identify the warning signs for each risk. When you are aware of the triggers, you can prevent the problem from happening.

4. Implement safety measures

Brainstorm solutions and implement safety measures to prevent risks occurring and escalating.

5. Make team members accountable

Assign each risk to an owner, that way people will take responsibility and be more likely to take action.

6. Monitor the measures

Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the safety measures.

Risk management plan template

A risk management plan template is a framework to help you identify the risks, record the risks and assess the potential impact.

Need a helping hand? Here’s a free risk management plan template to help you get started.

Looking for an easier way to manage risk?

While paper templates are a good place to start, they take time and are hard to keep track of.

Trail is a powerful app that helps you proactively manage risks in your business. Trail helps:

Make safety a habit – Checklists and forms are designed for speed and simplicity, woven into your team's working day. Trail prompts the right person to do the right task at the right time, so you know critical tasks are done.

Avoid incidents – Trail’s smart tasks automatically alert you if something isn’t right. Attach photos and comments to tasks to prove the right corrective action was taken to protect your customers, teams and business.

Drive accountability– Trail is a complete historical record of all activity, time and date stamped with photos and comments attached where needed. So you can drive accountability and confidently prove your compliance.

Performance visibility – Get insights on your productivity, compliance and more. Dashboards and daily reports highlight issues, so they can be resolved quickly without the need for time-consuming and expensive audits.

Discover how Trail can help you stay compliant

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