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Monthly Fire Extinguisher Check Log

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Monthly Fire Extinguisher Check Log
Every month on the 22nd

It's time to check the portable fire extinguishers! Record the results here.

Please note: - Check that they are all in the correct positions, have not been tampered with and where applicable pressure gauges are within limits.

Make sure to detail the action taken if a fault is discovered in the comments section of this task.

Monthly Fire Extinguisher Check Log
Record 1
Record 2
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Number of Extinguishers
Number of Blankets
Number Checked
Fault Found

Check they are fully functioning and stored correctly

Checking your fire extinguishers each month is a key part of complying with fire safety regulations. These checks are vital to not only make sure they are fully functioning but to familiarise the teams with the types of fire extinguishers on site (Water, Powder, Foam, CO2, Chemical)

These checks are super important to make sure you are prepared for a fire emergency. Here's how we make the process as quick and simple as possible:

  • Built in training. Attach videos and guides to make sure teams know what needs checking for each extinguisher type.
  • Maintenance log. Log any maintenance issues and attach photos to automatically send to the maintenance team or automatically populate a maintenance spreadsheet
  • Corrective action. If faults are found then fire safety videos and guides can be triggered to make sure the problem is addressed or the right people are called.    
  • Digital audit log. Hopefully it won't come to it but if there were any issues you'd be able to see what was checked, when it was checked and who checked it.
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