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GYMBOX provides better customer experiences with digital checklists

In this ever competitive market, just designing and building the best fitness facilities isn't enough, you've got to operate them at their very best as well.

GYMBOX has always been passionate about service and standards, but partnering with Trail has allowed them to take their customer experiences to the next level.

Previously, GYMBOX was using paper checklists to manage operations at their facilities. With facilities being open 100+ hours a week, there was a lot of information to collect and analyse, taking up much more time than it should have. Trail now allows them to get consolidated real time feedback on the state of play across the estate, allowing them to react to issues more quickly and often spot issues before they become serious.

GYMBOX has also found Trail to be incredibly simple to set up and use, which makes adoption by staff much easier. The ease of use has made the completion of tasks and maintenance of standards across all sites more intuitive for their teams.

"Trail has given us realtime insight into every facility across our estate, giving us the ability to react to maintenance issues before they become large, while saving us man hours."
Scott Vernon
Chief Financial Officer

Key results
75 person hours per month saved
Consolidated real time reporting capabilities benefit the business
Flagged maintenance issues on a real time basis allow for faster service

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