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Switch to Trail for a smarter, leaner business

Trail is used by thousands of businesses to run food safety, brand standards and daily operations

Our customers enjoy improved operational efficiency, fewer avoidable mistakes and lower costs

Do more with less

From opening checks to compliance and everything inbetween, Trail helps to consolidate day-to-day tasks in fast-moving hospitality businesses.

Our customers reduce site overheads with smart automations and streamlined workflows.

Streamline Workflows

Trail helps protect businesses of all sizes—from coffee stands to enterprise brands—with full visibility and control across operations.

Significant savings can be made from centralising compliance, staff training and internal audit processes to avoid repetition and wasted resource.

Paper & energy savings

Cutting printing, paper and stationery costs might not sound like a lot, but those sheets and ink add up - and that’s on top of the environmental cost too.

Our customers save an average of £390 per site per year on materials, printing and storage just by switching from paper to Trail.

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Predicted Savings

Team Productivity


Equipment monitoring checks:  
Email and head office communication:  
Training employees:  
Reduce Overheads


Printing manuals, paper and stationery:  
Insurance premium reduction:  
Unaccounted cash:  
Maintenance callouts:  
Head Office Savings


Site audits:  
Wasted site visits:  
Maintaining brand standards:  
Email and head office communication:  

Savings per site



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