Protect your customers, without the paperwork

A secure digital record
Reminders and alerts
Dashboards & reporting for remote visibility
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Still using Safer Food Better Business?

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The #1 Food safety App

Still using Safer Food Better Business?

Switch to Trail
The #1 Food safety App


Trail helps your clients manage their food hygiene

Protect your customers with safer, smarter digital checks


Smart checklists tell your clients exactly what to do and when to do it.


Trail keeps a secure digital record of all the daily checks.


Auditors can locate everything quickly and easily to show compliance

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Trail helps you manage your clients more easily

Get remote visibility over your customers daily tasks

Dashboards and reporting alert you of any problems

Choose from our templates or create your own bespoke tasks, you have total control

Get a new revenue stream with out parter programmes

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Our Partner Programs

a referral partner logo

Referral partner

For those looking for an easy way to refer a client to Trail for a referral bonus.

Sales commission

Partner portal and tools

Featured on our partners page

Partner resource centre

Customised on-boarding and support

a reseller partner logo

Reseller partner

For those looking to make Trail a core part of your consulting/solution business.

Sales commission

Partner portal and tools

Featured on our partners page

Partner resource centre

Customised on-boarding and support

Free demo Trail account

Dedicated partnership manager

What our partners are saying about Trail

"Trail is an extension of our team. It makes sure customers stay compliant between our in depth audits. Alerts and remote access mean we can monitor due diligence and investigate issues instantly."

Frances Tucker

Managing Director

"Trail drives site autonomy and shortens the loop from guest feedback to actions"

Dan Hawkie

Head of Sales

"Trail embeds energy saving into day to day operations to help cut costs and eliminate energy waste. Together we are systemising sustainability.

Mark Chapman

Founding Director

You might be wondering...

How do I sign up a new customer?

Customers need to enter your unique partner promo code in the 'Coupon Code' field at either account sign-up, or subscription setup.

What if I refer someone that's already a Trail customer?

If you refer someone that's already an active Trail customer, we'll be unable to reward you. If you re-sign an ex Trail customer, however, then we'll pay commission as usual.

How can I promote Trail?

When you sign up to Trail's partner programme, you'll receive access to a selection of marketing assets. You'll also receive a unique promo code that customers can enter at checkout for an exclusive discount to Trail.

How and when will I get paid?

You'll be paid directly into your bank account via Stripe Connect. If you haven't yet set up your Stripe account, then either set it up using the link in your dashboard, or contact our live chat & we'll guide you through it.

Can I bill my customers directly?

The partner may put in their own payment details at checkout if they would like to bill the customer directly.

How often will I be paid?

We track your referral revenue at the end of each month and send payments via Stripe to your bank account by the 15th of the following month.

Will I get a dedicated partnership manager?

Absolutely, they'll be in contact with you after you've signed up to the Partners Programme.

Can Trail promote my product/service?

The Trail customer success team are always looking at how they can solve wider business problems for our customers with partner solutions. Ask your partnership manager for more details.

Can I get a free Trail account as a Trail Partner?

Our partners will receive a free Trail account to create their own task libraries, manage their client accounts (where applicable) and assist with the sales process. Contact your partnerships manager if you're unsure on how to create the account.

How can I change Programs?

Just let your partnership manager know. There may also be cases where you'd like to offer different levels of partner support and we can try and help to accommodate this.

How can I send feedback about Trail?

Either send it over to the partnership team - or start a chat in the bottom right of this page with our support team.