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Say hello to the new simple daily guide to running a safe and compliant business. It's like better food better business but safer, better and 100% focused on speed and usability.

Digital checklists and record logs cover everything from Food Safety to Health & Safety and Fire Safety.

Alerts and reports highlight any problems to keep you protected.
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EHO approved templates
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Phone showing Trail and example tasks
Coffee Shop - Grind Coffee
Restaurant - Pizza Pilgrims
Coffee Shop - Crosstown Doughnuts
Coffee Shop - Black Sheep Coffee
Restaurant - Bone Daddies
Restaurant - Island Poke
Restaurant & Bar - Brewdog
Restaurant - Tonkotsu
Restaurant - Wagamama
Restaurant - Honest Burgers
Restaurant - Tossed
Restaurant - Chilango

Keep your business safe

Incident Warning Sign

Incident Reports

Food poisoning and other foodborne illnesses  happen. Make sure all the details are recorded securely, and evidence collected.
Safe bowl of food

Food Safety

Prove to EHOs that your business is HACCP compliant. Make sure you get that all important 5 star safety rating with a fool-proof food safety system.
Example fire hazard

Fire Safety

Schedule regular fire checks and record weekly, monthly and 6 monthly fire logs to stay ahead of the regulators. All with reminders and alerts in app.
Spanner to fix problems

Equipment Logs

Maintain a complete record of hardware inspections and  maintenance logs. Trigger alerts to maintenance with pictures and context for a quick fix.
Magnifying glass for inspections

Audits & Inspections

Whether internal audits or external inspections, Trail is a complete historical record of all activity. Paperwork can be checked remotely so time spent on site is focused on teams and training.
EHO inspector

EHO approved templates

Our free task library includes best practice templates for Food Hygiene, Health & Safety and Fire Safety. Templates are split into bite sized, user friendly chunks designed for busy shifts.

Simple, powerful features

Checklist items

Checklists & forms

Digitise and simplify all your food safety and compliance tasks
Magnifying glass for searching tasks

Task history

Browse back through days to resolve incidents and audits
Lots of devices

Works on any device

Trail is a web app. There’s nothing to download and it works offline

From coffee stands to the biggest brands

The best operations run on Trail


Much more than just better food better business

Trail covers everything you need to run a better, safer business from opening up to cashing up. The best hospitality brands use Trail, build your business on the same foundations so you can focus on the things that sets you apart.

Example task showing opening checks
Tick to reassure you things are done
Know tasks are done

This isn’t rocket science. Some jobs just need to get done so the business is safe and compliant.

Team working together
Empower your team

All that extra paperwork is slowing everyone down. Help them focus on the work that actually matters.

Get set up in minutes

This isn’t like other systems. Trail is designed for simplicity, so teams and managers can pick it up in no time.

Ways to use Trail

Explore the different ways Trail can support your business operations

See all the ways to use Trail
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Protect your business today with a 14 day free trial

Comply with all of your food health and hygiene regulations using simple digital checklists and record logs on any device.

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