Pour the perfect pint, every time

Consistently deliver high quality experiences and drive customer loyalty
Consistently deliver high quality experiences and drive customer loyalty
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Get prepared for Gen Z and maximise profits. They don't gravitate to the "local" in the same way as their elders. Recent studies show they want more non-alcohol related experiences and their decisions are driven not just by beer but factors like a pub's look and feel. To some operators this may seem daunting but a renewed focus on quality and service means there is plenty of opportunity to be grasped with the right process in place.


Highly productive teams

Lower margins mean doing more with what you've got. From cellar management to kitchen cleaning and finance, everyone knows exactly what to do and when to do it.

Safety & Compliance

Protect your business

Alerts for food safety, health and safety and fire safety ensure you're covered. Take best practices from the level 2 food safety & hygiene course and attach them to the relevant tasks. This makes sure there's never any doubt over correct food handling practices and allows your teams to focus on what makes you unique.


Consistent quality

You know what's required to deliver a seamless guest experience. Trail is the pub management software that makes that a reality for all your customers and keeps them coming back again and again.

Features tailored to your industry

Checklists & forms

Digitise and simplify all your food safety and compliance tasks

Task history

Browse back through days to resolve incidents and audits

Works on any device

Trail is a web app - there’s nothing to download. It also works offline.

a task is shown for a shift handover on a mobile device
a task is shown for a fridge temperature check on a mobile device
a mobile report shows a company's score across multiple sites

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