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Restaurant management tools

Your teams will know what to do, and you’ll know it’s been done, with our digital restaurant management tools. Using our app, all aspects of running your restaurant will be documented with easy-to-use task checklists set up to cover all routine daily jobs that need completing.

Not only will this help streamline all your restaurant processes, but it will ensure that you remain fully compliant with all regulations when it comes to food management and hygiene. You’ll be able to allocate tasks to individuals, with a digital trail at your fingertips helping assign responsibility and elevating standards in the workplace.

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a manager is in a restaurant seeing her staff complete an opening checklist on her phone
a waitress is passing a tablet over to a chef after completing a staff briefing task with her team
a barista is performing a coffee machine calibration check in a cafe
a manager completes a cashing up task in a restaurant
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Trail in 60 seconds

Trail is makes it easier to run your hospitality businesses.

It's a simple daily app with everything you need to run a successful food and drink business, from opening checklists to food safety logs.

Tick to reassure you things are done
Know tasks are done

This isn’t rocket science. Some jobs just need to get done so the business is safe and compliant.

Team working together
Empower your team

All that extra paperwork is slowing everyone down. Help them focus on the work that actually matters.

Get set up in minutes

This isn’t like other systems. Trail is designed for simplicity, so teams and managers can pick it up in no time.

Cut costs. Save time.

Unlock real, proven business savings. Boost profits in a highly competitive, low margin market.

Reduce audits


per year
Paper, printing & storage


per year
Staff training manuals


per site per year
Insurance premiums


per site per year
Maintenance callouts


per month
Compliance & claims

£ Millions

unlimited fines + prison

Simple, powerful features

Checklists & forms

Digitise and simplify all your food safety and compliance tasks

Task history

Browse back through days to resolve incidents and audits

Works on any device

Trail is a web app. There’s nothing to download and it works offline
a task is shown for a shift handover on a mobile device
a task is shown for a fridge temperature check on a mobile device
a mobile report shows a company's score across multiple sites

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