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Bar Closing Checks

Get home on time with an efficient bar breakdown

Bar Closing Checks🍸
Everyday after close

Great job... it's time to check and record your bar closing! 🍾

Clean juicer and blender with hot soapy water
Restock fridges, coffee area and fruits
Check labels
Stock up take away cups, lids, straws, bags and boxes
Wipe down all walls, cupboards and fridge doors
Wipe down all walls, cupboards and fridge doors
Send black rubber trays for wash (to the kitchen)
Clean the coffee machine with chemicals, clean around the machine
Empty out and rinse the knock box
Wipe all surfaces and clean the sink
Brush and mop the floor
Record 1
Record 2
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Don't let tired legs and minds get in the way of an efficient bar breakdown. Trail guides you step by step to make sure everyone gets home on time.

  • Real time alerts. Teams raise issues directly onto Trail with comments and photos. Managers and ops receive alerts so they can get ahead of problems before the next day.
  • Built in training. From videos on how to backflush the coffee machine to how to tackle bar flies. Your teams will always have the context they need to get the job done.
  • Accountability. Each checklist item you complete will be time and user stamped. If you tick off emptying the bins and they're still overflowing tomorrow morning, there'll be nowhere to hide.

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