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Cellar Temperature Records

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Cellar Temperature Records 🌑
Everyday by 12pm

Please record cellar temperature first thing in the morning so it's the most accurate πŸ‘

Please Note: Temperature must be between 10 and 15 degrees. If your temperature is showing above 15 you must report to the Duty Manager, who will monitor this over several days and action accordingly.

Cellar Temperature
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You can't have great beer without a well kept cellar

The cellar is the engine room of many pubs and bars. Like any good engine, it requires maintenance.

It needs to be clean to prevent bacteria contaminating the beer. It needs to be organised to ensure stock is rotated and it needs to be cold.

Good cellar management is a skill often siloed with a few employees. With Trail you can ensure all staff members have the information they need for a well kept cellar.

  • Built in training. Attach best practice videos and photos to ensure everyone can manage the cellar correctly and safely.
  • Real time alerts. Teams raise issues directly onto Trail with comments and photos. Managers and ops receive alerts so they can get ahead of any problems that could impact tomorrow's beer.
  • Corrective action. Trail automatically prompts your teams to take corrective action if data is outside the normal range. Tasks can then be triggered when needed, such as a step by step guide on what to check before you call an engineer.‍
  • ‍Faster record keeping. Quickly capture cellar temperature data with smart inputs built specifically for busy staff.
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