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Reopening your sites

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COVID-19: Re-opening your site 🎊
Due by 8:00am

A reminder on our new policy when dealing with customers, remember to run by the service team before service.

Make sure all your systems are in order and working - POS, Internet, Music
Check-in on all your first deliveries
Brief team on plan for the first week to get everyone humming the same tune
Mise-en-place - get everything back to where it should be for start of service!
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Everything you need to safely reopen your sites.

Our teams have developed a set of FSA approved customisable checklists and forms to help you reopen safely.

• Prepare your sites to reopen
• Restart services and supply chain
• Prepare you teams for reopening
• Implement social distancing measures
• Cleaning & Hygiene checks
• Product & Equipment Checks

Go digital
Switching from paper to digital checks now allows you to quickly adapt your business to new ways of working. From changes in customer service to adding social distancing markers to the floor:

• Easily turn new processes into simple digital checklists.
• Clearly and consistently communicate new measures to teams across multiple sites.
• Get performance insights and monitor task completion from anywhere.

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