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Customer Service Changes 🍽

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COVID-19: Table Setting / Customer Service Changes 🍽
Due by 8:00am

A reminder on our new policy when dealing with customers, remember to run by the service team before service.

Don't leave cutlery / napkins on the table, offer as people order
Remove all customer-facing glasses (for water etc.) but let them know they can and should ask for some when needed
Move tables further apart, seat them away from each other where possible
Suggest guests wash their hands before getting seated, offer sanitiser if applicable
Remember new reservation policy when taking bookings over the phone
Remember new reservation policy when taking bookings over the phone
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Communicate new procedures to your teams

Customer service looks a bit different to usual right now. Use this checklist to ensure teams and customers interact safely, from knowing when to give customers their cutlery to spacing tables out further.

  • Adapt your business. Introduce new measures across your sites easily.
  • Control. Stay on top of changing guidelines and make sure nothing gets missed
  • Protect your teams. Safer ways of working quickly become team habits.
  • Customer confidence. Protect your brand by demonstrating you are keeping teams and customers safe.

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