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Energy Saving

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High Usage Alert

Your non-trading electricity consumption was higher than target last night.

This costs you £419 extra a year!

Check these things at the end of the last shift:

Are all extractor fans switched off?
Is the heating switched off?
Is the air conditioning switched off?
Are the blast chillers switched off?
Check the auto timers are scheduled correctly for all equipment
Check the auto timers are scheduled correctly for all equipment
Are the lights and the music off?
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Reminders and alerts make sure you are only using what you need

Carbon statement provide weekly energy usage and carbon reporting. They report the cost of energy usage and highlight areas of energy waste and associated costs. These reports generate actions to cut costs and eliminate energy waste.

We loved what Carbon Statement were doing so we teamed up to help deliver those action to the teams on site. Trail helps by embedding these actions in the day to day operation to increase results and systemise sustainability.

  • One login. Trail is the complete guide to the working day. Teams are already in the app multiple times a day completing tasks from compliance to finance. If something needs actioning today, it will be on today's task list.
  • Accountability. Every action will be will be time and user stamped. If you are not seeing the expected results you will be able to find where the problems lie.
  • Real time alerts. Teams raise issues directly onto Trail with comments and photos. Managers and ops receive alerts for any issues or they can be passed straight to the maintenance team.

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