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Fire Evacuation Drill

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Fire Evacuation Drill 🔥
Every 3 months on the 1st

To be completed during this month. Results may take a few seconds to show after completing this report. Remember to click mark as done to submit your report.

Fire Evacuation Drill
Record 1
Record 2
1 / 3
Time of Alarm Activation
Time Taken to Evacuate
Time 'All Clear' Given
Number of People Involved

Practice for speed and calmness

An emergency evacuation drill every 6 months can make sure your team knows exactly what to do, where to go and how to direct customers in a calm manner when the time comes.

Making your teams familiar with the emergency exit plan and testing the procedure for speed can save lives. Recording information around the operation of magnetic fire doors or gas/electric/extractor systems cut off is so important for raising follow up actions.

This process can be painful and often forgotten, here's how we make it easier:

  • Faster record keeping. Capture data quickly with smart inputs built specifically for a fast paced environment. Multiple choice and date fields make recording information around what happened and who was involved super simple.
  • Remedial action. Any issues found are instantly highlighted to head office or maintenance for them to be aware of and rectify.
  • Smart forms. Ask different questions based on answers to navigate GDPR regulations and make the experience as fast as possible for teams eg. only ask for certain information if a customer was involved in the evacuation drill.
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