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How to wash and sanitise items

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COVID-19: How to wash and sanitise items 🧽

1. Put on a pair of disposable gloves
2. Wash down the surface with hot, soapy water and a new cloth (yellow or blue, depending on area)
3. Sanitise the surface with your in-store sanitiser
4. Dry the surface with blue roll
5. Dispose of the cloth and the blue roll
6. Wash your hands as per the procedure

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Reduce the spread of viruses

Trail makes it easy for teams to stay on top of new and changing procedures.

Deeper and more regular cleaning will helps reduce the spread of viruses. Use this task to clearly communicate steps and techniques to make sure nothing gets missed.

  • Adapt to change. Digital tasks are quick to edit so you can stay on top of changing guidelines.
  • Get control. Teams complete their tasks exactly when and how you want them to.
  • Form new habits fast. New processes quickly become ingrained in the working day.
  • Total confidence. Daily reporting and insights ensure sites are following new measures correctly.

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