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New Instagram Post

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New Instagram Post

Come join us for the opening day of Wimbledon shown live on the big screen πŸŽΎ πŸ“

Jugs of Pimm's just Β£10! #wimbledon #tennis #pimms #pimmsoclock #letscausearacquet #vamosrafa



Make sure you have stocked up on any of the products (if shown)
Make sure your staff are aware of any promotions
Comment on this task if you have any feedback for the marketing team
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Make sites aware of what your marketing team are posting on the gram

One of our customers told us a story about how their marketing team were promoting a rugby game at one of their venues. It turns out that marketing were trying to drive customers to a venue that wasn't open until after the game would have finished 😱

Not ideal.

After hearing that, we worked with them to make sure sites were always aware on what head office were promoting. Tasks are triggered to sites which include a checklist to make sure teams have all the necessary products/material to benefit from the promotion. For example if Pimm's is being promoted then teams can start prepping jugs filled with mint and strawberries in advance.

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