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Negative Review Posted 😔

These things happen. Let's make sure we learn from this and make sure our other guest have a more enjoyable experience.

Here's what was said:

We waited 20 minutes for our food and it was cold.

Please find the attached guides on how to respond to a review if you are in any doubt.

Review the above information
Respond to the review
Create an action plan to ensure this does not happen again
Retrain staff where necessary
Get out there and wow a customer and get a 5* review to off set this negativity!
Get out there and wow a customer and get a 5* review to off set this negativity!
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Let teams know each time a new google review is posted

Google now makes up the vast majority of reviews online. As we all know, these reviews have a huge impact on a customer's decision on where to dine/visit.

Create a task on Trail for each review so that sites can learn from them. If a positive review is received, sites can celebrate that and take apply that positive experience to other guests. If a negative review is left, teams can immediately take action to make sure future guests have a more positive experience.

Take things a step further and create different tasks based on a sentiment analysis of the review using natural language processing tools such as IBM Watson (it's completely free!).

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