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Reminder of Key New Policies πŸ“

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COVID-19: Reminder of Key New Policies πŸ“
Due by 8:00am

Make a note of the essentials below, then schedule this task a couple times a week to help instil new habits in your teams.

This is a great place to attach additional guidance and policy too.

Remember to update other tasks where policy may have changed.


New dishwashing / wiping policy
New way to deal with laundry
New approach to/with customers
New layout for customer facing items (cups, cutlery etc.)
New social distancing policy
New social distancing policy
Record 1
Record 2
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Communicate key changes to your teams

The average day looks a bit different right now. Trail helps you stay in control of changing processes, from running as a takeaway to new ways of approaching customer service.

  • Clear communication. Ensure that your teams know exactly when and how to do new tasks.
  • Build team habits. Quickly turn new procedures into ingrained habits.
  • Instil confidence. Reassure teams and customers that you have the processes to keep them safe.
  • Get insights. Access performance reports from anywhere so you know new measures are being followed correctly.


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