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Return to Work Form

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Return to Work Form

It's important to complete this form quickly once an employee has returned to work after an absence. Click the link and fill out the form to easily store this in the Trail.

Please note, this form can only be completed in one session.

Return to Work Form
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Job Title
First Day of Absence
Date Returned to Work
State briefly why you were unfit for work

Follow the necessary procedures after a sickness absence

When your employee has returned to work following a sickness absence, you should be conducting a return to work interview. This interview typically involves recording the number of days off, the nature of the illness, medical certification and if they received any medical advice.

Environmental health officers (EHOs) will review this documentation during their inspections to make sure the employee is safe to resume food handling duties under food hygiene regulations. Impressing EHOs with a comprehensive food hygiene management system goes a long way with those scores on the doors ratings.

Attaching medical clearance and navigating what you can and cant record without consent with new GDPR regulations means recording this information can be a nightmare. Here's how the experience looks on Trail:

  • Faster record keeping. Quickly capture data from all your team with smart inputs built specifically for busy staff. Multiple choice and date fields make recording rich information as simple as possible.
  • Smart forms. Ask different questions based on answers to navigate GDPR regulations and make the experience as fast as possible for teams eg. only ask for about medical advice if it was received
  • Photographic evidence. Quickly snap a picture of GP notes and upload straight from your device.
  • Insights. Identify trends around which sites have an increased rate of absence as well as why staff were unfit to work.
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