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Toilet Checks

Sparkly clean toilets are proven to have a huge impact on customer loyalty

Toilet Checks 🚽

Record your toilet checks here. ✨

If there is anything NOT up to standard please explain and leave a photo comment on this task.

Toilet pans clean
Toilet rolls filled
Floors clean and dry
Sinks clean
Hand soap filled
Hand soap filled
Flowers acceptable
Record 1
Record 2
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A recent YouGov survey revealed 97% of adult Brits would be put off returning to a restaurant or pub that had dirty washrooms.

It's easy to forget to check toilets regularly during a busy shift. Even on a non-busy shift for that matter.

Trail is here to help. Tasks become habitual with tasks scheduled to recur throughout the day. Teams are alerted when tasks are late/missed and this drives behaviour change, making sure you're not impacted by that 97%.

  • Maintenance log. Log any maintenance issues and attach photos to automatically send to the maintenance team or automatically populate a maintenance spreadsheet.
  • Accountability. Each checklist item you complete will be time and user stamped. This level of accountability means staff will make sure they complete the task before signing it off.
  • Real time alerts. Team members and management will receive alerts for tasks that are missed/late. This means everyone will know about it if no one has cleaned the toilets recently.

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