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Dishwasher Checks

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Dishwasher Checks 🍽
Everyday by 11am

Please wait 30 minutes after switching on before taking the reading to ensure the machine has had time to warm up. Take temperature from the dial of the final rinse cycle.

Please note: The rinse Temperature should be above 82°C. If the rinse cycle temperature does not meet manufacturer recommendations please leave a comment on this task.

Dishwasher Checks
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Make sure dishes and cookware are properly cleaned and sanitised

When washing dishes, cookware or glasses, the temperature of the water used needs to reach 50°C after a minute to make the soap or detergent lathers up properly. This lathering is really important in making sure the bacteria detaches from the surface and is effectively removed.

Dishwasher temperature checks are a big part of any HACCP plan and demonstrate to environmental health officers (EHO) you are safe-guarding your customers. If they find there is insufficient hot water on site then there can be 6 figure fines and possible closures.

Don't take any risks on your customer's health and your own reputation.  

Here's how Trail makes these regular checks relatively painless:

  • Corrective action. Automatically prompt your teams to take action if the temperature drops below a certain level.
  • Built in training. Attach videos and guides to make sure teams know how to take temperatures correctly or to solve common problems with the dishwashers.
  • Log issues. Quickly upload photos or comments from any device to make escalating issues as easy as possible.
  • Accountability. Each checklist item you complete will be time and user stamped. This level of accountability means staff will make sure they complete the task before signing it off.  
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